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Monster Hunter World Getting Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V

During a stage event hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Taipei Gane Show at Taiwan, ” Monster Hunter World Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto made a special Statement.

The game is going to get crossover content out of Street Fighter V.  For more precise, players will be able to transform their characters in Ryu and Sakura, rather much just like they do with all the appearances of Aloy out of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn.

While Sakura will start sometime down the line, Ryu is going to be released in February. According to Tsujimoto-san information regarding this crossover will come at a subsequent date.

You can have a look at some graphics on the slide which has been showcased during the event under. Unfortunately Ryu is displayed for now.

Just a few days past, we know Street Fighter V will get Monster Hunter World costumes, so seemingly, the crossover moves both ways.

If you want to know and see more about Monster Hunter World, then you may read my own review, take a look at some videos of this profound character creation (that lets you make a bearded lady, if that’s your thing), the launch trailer, and a new making-of video.

Monster Hunter World Getting Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V

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