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Shovel Knight’s Iconic Shovel Blade Forged by YouTuber Man at Arms

It’ss been a while since wea piece on YouTuber Man runs at Noble — that the blacksmith that delves by recreating video game guns. Now they’re taking something a little more cartoony — Shovel Knight‘s shovel-based weapon, even the most Shovel Blade.

Seen at the 16 minute video under, the Man in crew is currently taking a different approach for this one. Rather than moving with a more realistic blade-like adaptation (a thing we’ve seen from them in the past), they needed to highlight the exact cartoon-ish temperament of this Shovel Blade. This includes some but visually pleasing the shovel-like pommel/grip combination, an almost funny cross shield, along with — brassing. Although my favorite   part are the blue-dyed leather sunglasses found around the Shovel Blade.

And its not going to say the Shovel Blade isn’t powerful in the battle. The finished product was able to take the carrot down test, along with some staples that are volatile .

For those interested in the source content (and if you’ve lived in hiding from the indie game scene),   Shovel Knight is arguably Kickstarter’s most notable indie game job. Produced by Yacht Club Games because of a love letter to action platformers like   Mega ManShovel Knight has had tremendous success leading to the arrival of different spin-off DLC and various editions.

Shovel Knight is available on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and a host of other last consoles. You can check out the Man in Arms movie, under:

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