PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Metal Max Xeno Will Release in the West; New Character Revealed

Today Kadokawa Games reached out with a press release announcing the return of this Metal Max series, Metal Max Xeno, will launch globally.

The game will come to North America, Europe, and Asia. Additional details like neighborhood release dates have yet to be announced, and can be disclosed by each publisher farther down the line. At yet, the title of the publishers are also unannounced.

In addition to this localization news, we also have the debut of a new character. He is a 26 years old medic (yes, he also’s a he). According to the press release, he kind of resembles a woman or even a supermodel. He is researcher and a scientist using a strong intellect capable to cure his or her companions. He’s been traveling pursuing the understanding lost by humanity.

We see the Type-22 Anti-aircraft Tank. Misaki was actively pursuing it order further his studies. While it’s largely designed to shoot down aircrafts, in addition, it can level its guns down to destroy ground-based targets.

It is possible to enjoy graphics and screenshots showcasing the Type-22 and Misaki below. If you would like to find out more, you are able to  check out the first trailer and screenshots, also  another batch featuring more personalities, and also the next, also  showing members of the cast. A brand   new trailer was also recently released.

Metal Max Xeno will release in Japan only for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th. We’ll allow you to know when we learn more on the topic of the western launch.

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