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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gets New Trailer Showing Many Familiar Characters

With numerous anime seasons, mild books, manga, and several games, Sword Art Online has gathered a fairly large cast of characters (many of which are waifus to get Kirito’s harem, but I digress), therefore it’s just normal that Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet includes a lot of recognizable faces.

This’s among the componentss brand new trailer, which gives a look at the various characters that are recognized that people’ll match in this game. This includes new types, for instance, brand new hero’s her ArFA-sys Daisy, the femme fatale Zeliska, and childhood friend Kureha. Needless to say, our own ArFA-sys AI companion has an important role as well, within her default looks (she or he’ll be fully customizable, sex included, even if the male variant didn’t get much screen time, wonder why…).

It is possible to check out the trailer below. If you would like to see more, you can even enjoy a different video out of this weekend revealing the Hero Battle style, much more gameplay we recently recorded at an event hosted by Bandai Namco alongside quite a few new pictures, much more screenshots a recent trailer, the opening cutscenea bunch of screenshots focusing on Kirito Mode and additional components of the title’s gameplay, a former batch focusing on the ArFA-Sys AI companion, a preview in Western showcasing the multiplayer features, yet another recent  preview in English, and    a gallery of screenshots  comprising more members of the cast.

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