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Hollow Knight Receives First Nintendo Switch Gameplay; Free Gods & Glory Expansion Unveiled

One of last year’s noteworthy indie darlings was Hollow Knight, a tough but charming Metroidvania that received amazing reviews when it published all the way back in February of 2017. That having been said, lots of folks, like myself, have been awaiting pick the game up till it releases on Nintendo Switch. Now we finally have a peek at offscreen gameplay in handheld mode.

This movie was embedded in a new blog post of developer Team Cherry’s site which likewise shows more info regarding the Nintendo Switch port. While the developers said they aren’t quite prepared to announce a launch date for its interface nonetheless, it’s clear a lot of progress has been created in its own development. The programmer currently working to ensure that the game works nicely at 60fps and can be fixing many of the bugs that the bugs they are finding in QA testing.

Team Cherry additionally revealed that because of the fact that the Nintendo Switch port of Hollow Knight has resulted in a slew of “under-the-hood perform” on the game, they will be rolling out upgrades into the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of this game to bring them up to par with the Switch port. The programmers also unveiled what they will launch following the Nintendo Switch port of Hollow Knight – that a totally free expansion branded Gods & Glory.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory will be the game’s third free content bunch, after The Grimm Troupe along with Hidden Dreams, that published last year. This expansion is explained by the programmers as “a epic party of Hallownest’s Glory and the final chapter of the Knight’s journey. ”

Content-wise, the expansion is poised to include a new character, the sexy Godseeker, and a new quest that will have players encountering lots of new supervisors and new music tracks. Gods & Glory may also give players the ability to glorify (or enhance) their charms and will incorporate a new game mode when you beat the story of this expansion. Regrettably, Team Cherry did not say what exactly this game mode was, only that it is “long requested and can be a classic for its genre. ”

You may check out the reveal trailer for Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory below.

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