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Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

Today Konami submitted its financial results for the eight months ended on December 31st. As you can see from the table below, all figures are in the black, with a significant increase of gains year-on-year.

Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

The press release also contained a more comprehensive explanation of these results, and below you can read the full segments related to gaming.

“In the entertainment market, game contents are still diversify together with  functional enhancement of various devices, including mobile devices and video game consoles, and also development of information and telecommunications infrastructure. In combination with the changing times, the taste for enriching daily life through complete and abundant experiences in private spending was strengthened. In the game industry, attempts are accelerating to provide new experiences through game content in various ways, including eSports, which are considered as a form of sports competition and are attracting an increasing number of attention. ”

We also get a breakdown by section, signifying that the Digital Entertainment industry (video games) is still the biggest driver of Konami’s outcome, using a solid year-on-year growth of both sales and profit. The “Gaming” mention shouldn’t confuse, as the “Gaming & Systems” company is related to arcade and pachinko machines, and noticed poorer performance year-on-year.

Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

The explanation of in the press release mentions both mobile games and “stable functionality” for Pro Eevolution Soccer 2018 and Super Bomberman R in   the house console section.

“In regard to the mobile games from the Digital Entertainment segment, we published Winning Eleven CARD COLLECTION(called overseas as PES CARD COLLECTION) globally in approximately 150 countries and areas. This title has received positive reviews from a number of customers.

Other mobile game titles too continued to enjoy strong   functionality, such as JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU, Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS and Skilled BASEBALL SPIRITS A (Ace).As for card games, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME series continued to develop in the international market. We continued to work to revitalize the contents, including the release of new cards with additional rules which appeared from the new television animated series.

In Terms of computer and video games, Winning Eleven 2018 (known abroad as PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018) and SUPER BOMBERMAN R(called abroad as Super Bomberman R) continued to appreciate stable performance”

The publisher also revised its full-year  prediction (before March 31st, 2018), indicating that it expects slightly lower revenues (but still greater year-on-year), but greater profits.

Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

The revised prediction broken down by segment demonstrates that the prediction for the video games company (Digital Entertainment) is in fact the only one that was raised for both profit and revenue.

Konami Announces Strong Financial Results with Substantial Year-on-Year Increase

Last but not least, the press release comes with an explanation of the forecast for another quarter related to the Digital Entertainment company.

“With the spread of amusement offered throughout networks, the accessible way of supplying games are still diversify.Opportunities to attain a much larger audience for games are climbing. Against this background, we intend to build ways of enjoying games which match the characteristics of each device.

Asfor the existing mobile games, the total number of registered users of contents we grown continues to grow steadily. Those game titles include Winning Eleven 2018 (called overseas as PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018), that surpassed 80 million downloads worldwide, and Yu-Gi-Oh DUEL LINKS, which transcended 60 million downloads worldwide. The PC edition of Yu-Gi-Oh DUEL LINKS has been likewise begun to develop globally and has received positive reviews. In terms of new titles to be published, we’re now focusing on creating titles to fulfill customer requirements, such as Quiz Magic Academy LOST FANTARIUM, LOVEPLUS EVERY, and Tokimeki Idol. Having a focus on those names, we will strive to give content which enables us to provide pleasure to clients in various ages and regions.

TRADING CARD GAME will celebrate its 20th anniversary after it goes on sale in February 2019. To celebrate this milestone, we will designate the year beginning from February 2018 since the 20th anniversary season and we will work hard to decode the contents by developing various steps.

As for video and computer games, we’ll launch METAL GEAR SURVIVE at February 2018. We’ll try to allow customers to possess continue with fun. In addition, we are eagerly working on JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU 2018, that is to receivenew attributes including VR compatibility, and ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS : M∀RS, that was shown in Tokyo Game Show 2017. These are predicted to be published in spring 2018.

As the taste for improving daily life through full and abundant experiences has bolstered from the entertainment market, we continue to make efforts to create and provide “Valuable Time” to customers through game contents. ”

If you wish to compare, then you can have a look at the results published three months back, which have been also fairly solid.

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