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Stylistic Horror Bendy and the Ink Machine Coming to Home Consoles in 2018

There doesn’t even seem to be a middleground for   Bendy and the Ink Machine. Either you have never heard of the terror game, or else you are up to your neck in Hot, YouTube Permit’s Plays, and Boris paraphernalia. But if you discover yourself you are able to take solace in realizing that the indie game is coming to all generation home consoles in 2018.

News stems from developer theMeatly in a movie (under) titled “BIG BENDY NEWS! :D. ” In the movie, it is revealed that the Cartoon programmer is teaming up with Rooster Teeth Games to bring   Bendy and the Ink Machine into Nintendo Switch, PS4, along with Xbox One. The game will probably be out in short order with the release date slated for this year.

Not much out of this is famous, but doesn’t create the announcement any stimulating to its fanbase that has affirmed this game.

For those who have not ever heard of theMeatly  or   Bendy and the Ink Machine, the game has carved a cult-classic status since its release in February 2017. The game has been mythical, telling the tale of a run-down and shuttered animation studio that’s haunted by iconic cartoons. More striking to Bendy and the Ink Machine is its distinctive artstyle, equal parts cartoony and dreadful.

In terms of Rooster Teeth Games, this isn’t the time the writer has taken steps in the console industry. After showing that they’d be publishing names in early 2017, the studio has worked to deliver  RWBY: Grimm Eclipse into PS4 along with Xbox One. On top of this, the studio has assisted in attracting  Super Rad Raygun and   Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars to advertise.

As mentioned above, Bendy and the Ink Machine is currently accessible for PC (around Chapter Three); the game is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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