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Xbox One X Launch Drives 14% Revenue Growth for Xbox Hardware, 8% Growth for Microsoft’s Gaming

Today Microsoft announced its financial results for its second quarter. The associated press release and demonstration included information on the state of the Xbox business.

Here you can check the outcomes of the company, which includes gaming’s “ Personal Computing ” segment out.

Overall gambling revenue grew by 8 percent driven by a 14% boost in hardware earnings as a result of introduction of the Xbox One X at November. 4% climbed, whereas Xbox Live yearly consumers grew 7 %. This also shows a substantial rise from the 53 million MAU reported to the prior quarter.

The aforementioned growth in gambling revenue drove a 2 percent sales increase for the entire Personal Computing” segment, although margins for gambling decreased with the release of the Xbox One X. This is normal when a new console launches.

We get the revenue and profit figures for the company as a whole, together with all the pertinent values securely in the. You are able to check them out under.

If you would like to compare the outcomes announced today with those of the previous quarter (between July 1st and September 30th, 2017), you are able to see them within our committed article.

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