Dragon’s Crown Pro Comes West This May; Free Valentine’s Day E-Cards Available Now

Atlus announced that their four-player co-op activity name Dragon’s Crown Pro will launch physically and on May 15 from the west for PlayStation 4.

The cards include the six playable characters with cheesy text a someone would like. Each card can be customized and sent to an email from the official website.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an updated version of this Dragon’s Crown, bringing the co-op action game to better hardware and a new generation of gamers. The game enables players to select one of six figures and take on various assignments across multiple stages where they will battle hordes of enemies and bosses. Loot plays a huge roll in the game since every mission provides fresh partitioning for the player to continuously be updated their gear.

Dragon’s Crown Pro   will feature 4K resolution for players to go through the game at a much better resolution. What’s more, the multiplayer will be supported across all 3 versions of this game, which include PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 together with PlayStation 4.

Furthermore, the whole soundtrack has been re-recorded with a live orchestra which means individuals that have an adequate sound system will have the ability to experience the powerful soundtrack in a whole new way.

In case you missed it, then Dragon’s Crown Guru obtained a new trailer containing co-op gameplay.

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