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Flipping Death Releasing Physically on PS4 and Nintendo Switch at Launch this Spring

Zoink Games announced Flipping Death a brand new adventure game using a similar visual design into one of their previous titles Stick It To The Man, last February for Nintendo Switch. The game was designed to start at 2017, but was pushed back until Spring 2018 and additionally demonstrated to be arriving into PS4. The developers previously voiced their intentions of releasing the game, but now Zoink Games announced they have partnered with Rising Star Games to launch Flipping Death physically on PS4 and Nintendo Switch at launch.

As stated by Rising Star Games, the retail model of Flipping Death will even include two distinctive  collector’therefore cards. These cards will include character art, bios, and a code so as to unlock the identical card in-game.

This announcement comes just two days after it was disclosed that SteamWorld Dig 2 will be published physically on PS4 and Switch, courtesy of Rising Star Games also. Zoink Games and Picture & Sort Games recently merged to form Thunderful Games, these bodily releases are probably one of the favorable outcomes of this particular merger.

“We are honored to operate in continued partnership with such an esteemed and award-winning power like Zoink Games.   Having the capability to bring Zoink’s wild creativity and vision of Flipping Death to players in physical boxed form with additional things in the box enables Rising Star Games to serve the community as well as nurture new Zoink fans. ”

You can have a look at some screenshots of this game under.

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