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Overwatch Will now let you Change Skins Before a Match

Overwatch players understand the struggle: having unlocked a new skin and forgetting to equip it until the next game. Everybody knows fashion right relates to performance, but luckily that you won’t need to be concerned about throwing your next game. Overwatch is currently allowing its players change their personality’s skin before each match.

The announcement came via Twitter, where the official Overwatch account posted a GIF of a Pharah  swapping between skins as the lobby timer ticked down. You can check out that below.

While it may not look like a significant upgrade, for lovers of the games who have accumulated tons of timed skins, this shift will affect the way that they play with the game –literally.

No more accidentally swapping out from your mythical and epic skins then throwing the match since you don’t feel as beautiful. This fear of getting the drama of the game without your favourite skin can vanish.

This upgrade will now bring the game more in line with additional Esports titles like League of Legends along with Smite, which allow players to select up their skin until the match starts, and perhaps, will allow players to enhance their group style by locking in similar skins with each other.

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