Sunless Skies Delayed Indefinitely as Failbetter Games Navigates Financial Difficulty

Though you might not have heard of  Sunless Skies, almost everybody has heard of this game’s predecessor — Sunless Sea. This, itself, is among the noted woes and difficulties facing indie developer Failbetter Games in their most recent Kickstarter update for the game that paints a gloomy-yet-realistic image on the uncertainty of indie game development. The kicker of the update appears like a delay for the job, and also a shuttering of a side undertaking.

The news comes following a fairly uplifting Kickstarter  update  roughly a week ago where they showed “the biggest appreciable change to [Sunless Skies] during Early accessibility” for players, speaking about a new area that was opening in-game. But it seems this statement was that the calm before the storm about the news which  Sunless Skies was being pushed out of its May 2018 start window to an unspecified time. Fortunately, Failbetter Games stated before February ends they should have a launching window.

Among other matters, Failbetter acknowledges administrative changes and fiscal issues that had the potential of placing the studio “in a financial state… in danger of closing until [they] can make yet another game. ” First and foremost, the  Sunless Skies is proving to be less of an indie darling since  Sunless Sea up to now, with only 15 percent as many copies sold in similar time intervals. Also, four members of this group are layed  the already-small team off.

Additionally, the studio laments many aspects on Kickstarter — the successful campaign contributed to many not buying the game in Historical Accessibility, cannibalizing prominence on storefronts for Steam. On top of this, Failbetter notes the market for Early Access has changed (probably saturated) in a sense that it hadn’t when Sunless Sea established in 2014.

But, it appears that the speedbumps in   Sunless Skies financing and growth will also be impacting other studio projects. For starters, iOS and Web-exclusive Fallen London  would be shuttering the cell app in Q2, whereas the web version will be re-launched following an upcoming announcement. Failbetter’s Fundbetter  small storyline games finance is being retired — at least until the indie studio gets more “spare bandwidth or funds. ” Finally, Sunless Sea will stop getting regular updates in the build to Sunless Skies thus the team can more often concentrate in their new project.

Sunless Skies is a roguelike survival quest game, by which gamers choose a Victorian-era entire world. The game will be offered only to PC, though it’s unclear when the game begins release. In the meantime, check out the Historical Access trailer, under:

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