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Fortnite Reaches New Heights, Boasting 3.4 Million Concurrent Players

Are you about to the Fortnite waiter debacle final weekend? Players experienced a wait times and full failure to the game, with no ton excuse from developer Epic Games on which the underlying problem is. But, following today’s announcement about the matter, it is totally clear — Fortnite attained 3.4 million concurrent users, establishing a new milestone for the expanding battle royale genre.

News comes directly from Epic Games in a half-blog article, half-job listing earlier today. The actual post itself swings widely technical in character, however, the bullet points talk to Epic Games claim that Fortnite is currently the “biggest PC/console game on earth! ”

The claim is obviously an amazing one, and it immediately rivals the initiator from the battle royale movement, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.   While individuals have been used to boasting of PUBG‘s amazing expansion, it might appear that Fortnite has surpassed them. According to data aggregate Steamcharts, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds all-time peak for most concurrent players is 3,236,027 players — beneath the 3.4 million point to  Epic’s struggle  royale  version.

Naturally, it isn’t possible to state with certainty that this number is record-breaking as PUBG’s peak came post-Xbox One launching, so the current amount doesn’t comprise Xbox One concurrent players. If, by way of instance, at least 170,000 Xbox One players were playing at that moment, Fortnite‘s seeming record may still be beneath  PUBG‘therefore summit.

The writing was on the wall that   Fortnite is a growing victory — so much so that Epic Games has been abandoning other big jobs and offering refunds for all players. This, naturally, is a boon to other studios seeking to sweep the now-available marketplace.

Even though this may not be the global record that Epic Games is positioning it to be, it is still a enormous achievement.  

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