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Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch

Back in 2005, Neon Studios, Kaiko, also Capcom introduced their action-adventure game Legend of Kay on PS2, to decent reviews and medium success. The game was ported to Nintendo DS. Then in 2015, THQ Nordic (called Nordic Games subsequently) acquired the rights to the game, developed Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition, and released it on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Now, THQ Nordic  announced that they are once more reviving the land and bringing Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition into Nintendo Switch after this season. THQ Nordic states it’s bringing the game to Nintendo Switch as part of its “strategy of making the game available to players of all kinds of platforms,” but additionally, it makes sense to port the game to the Switch because games of its mode do well on Nintendo platforms, and the Nintendo Switch has been demonstrated to be a runaway success.

Launching Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch also means that the game will soon be on ten distinct platforms. For people wondering what is unique  about the Anniversary Edition,  this remastered version of Legend of Kay comprises new high performance and more detailed textures and character models, better rendering techniques, and surround audio support to create the game look and sound far better.

You can check out the statement preview for Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch below.

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