PS4 Exclusive New Gundam Breaker Gets New Gameplay and 1080p Screenshots

The gameplay showcases another match where two groups of three mobile suits struggle against each other and AI opponents in order to finish quests supplied by the announcer.

Destroying enemy mobile suits will fall some of their parts, and they’re stored in the UI in the bottom of the screen. You may mount them just by selecting them.

You can even utilize EX skills since the start of the match, and they are listed on the base of the screen. You’ll have up to 6, and the amount grows with your level. The skill are based on the parts you have on, so assembling the torso of the Sazabi in your own Gundam will reestablish its powerful beam attack.

We also get to see some of the characters that we’ll match in the game’s story mode, such as heroine Yui Mikagura and a couple of rivals, Masumi Shiroi, Daisuke Sena, Yuuki Shiina, Shougo Morita, also Shimon Sakaki.

You are able to check out all of the graphics and the gameplay under. If you would like to see more, you can enjoy more gameplay (now in English) and the very first teaser trailer.

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