SpellForce 3 Receives Powerful Modding Tools; Includes Map Creator and Scripting Editor

Regrettably, it launched with no modding support, however, the game’so developers have quickly fixed that issue and published some fairly strong modding tools such as SpellForce 3 into the community today.

This tool is powerful since it gives modders the capacity to make maps using all the very same instruments as the game’therefore developers, but in addition includes an scripting. ” This means modders can alter the game to their liking to create new manners that are entire . The programmers are encouraging this also, and also directly cited the tools’ capability.

The game is supposed to continue players 30 hours, but these modding tools hint there’s much more interesting things to come in SpellForce 3’s community. The map creator and scripting editor can be downloaded straight from the game’s Steam site, and even come with a glossary and tutorial so people can easily get the hang of these tools. All these modding tools are offered for free, however SpellForce 3 costs $49.99.

You may check out a trailer showcasing the game’s modding applications below. If you would like to see our thoughts on a pre-release build of the game, you can take a look at our SpellForce 3 preview.  

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