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SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy’s Story Mode Will Offer Different Dialogue Depending on Heroine Pairing

Lately SNK demonstrated their upcoming 2.5D battling game SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will feature prominent characters from the SNK library of female characters at a 2 vs 2 tournament-style fighting game.

With the game was declared just little is known about the manners that will be offered. DualShockers had the opportunity to sit down with  developer Kaito Soranaka and producer Yasuyuki Oda to learn about the game’s Story Mode. Oda-san confirmed that it ll provide dialogue depending on the set of heroines and that a story mode is going to be contained you select.

“there’ll be a Story Mode provided in the game, but depending on the characters that you chose, the discussions will likely soon change. ”

For example, the Story involving Nakoruru and Mai will likely be different than the narrative between Mai and Yuri.

At the moment of this writing, just six characters are declared but even just with those, the feasible story outcomes are already rather large. However, it must be seen whether those stories will take any weight behind them or if they are going to stick to the lighthearted tone shared with all the game’s motif.

During gameplay, they’ll be able to switch the heroines together with the press of a button to expand combos or unleash powerful finishing moves. Connecting a finishing move is the sole means.

In case you missed it, from the identical interview, we discovered that the group intends to release a full game at launch with no current DLC character statements.

Our whole interview with Oda-san and Soranaka-san is going to be released soon. Now we also got a different trailer showing the inescapable costumes.

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