Ashes of Creation Gameplay Video Shows Gorgeous World, Dungeon, Combat and More

The video showcases about fifty minutes of gameplay by the family and friends pre-alpha test build of the game.

We get to observe dungeons, the overworld, the UnderRealm, as well as one of the most important features of this game, a village node that’s designed to grow dynamically, spawning barriers to the players defending it like rampaging monsters. This’s featured in the movie.

Among the most fascinating things we see is that Ashes of Creation appears to mix innovative elements with ones. Real danger that is nowadays is a rarity beyond endgame raids in many MMORPGs. Possessing real treacherous walkways from which you may fall to your death should you make a misstep will probably be considered mad by many contemporary developers. Can’t request your players to be careful, can you?

On top of the gameplay, we expect to experience the game looks. Considering that the game’s Kickstarter effort ended only last summer it’s remarkable to see how far   Ashes of Creation has progressed.

You can check out the video below. If you want to see more, you also can watch a current trailer containing the UnderRealmanother trailer revealing amazing vistasone more with the same attention, an astonishing  gameplay movie showing distinct seasons, a   trailer showcasing the freehold settlements and more   gameplay giving a look on playable creatures.

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