God of War Video Projected on NBA Court Makes for Spectacular Break

Seems like Sony is stepping into the gas of God of War‘s marketing, as yesterday a movie of this game was projected through an NBA game in Oakland.

What made the experience quite unique is the video was displayed right on the court, and that’s just one hell of a big screen.

You can have a look at the recording under, courtesy of Sports World Videos.

This isn’t the first advertising stunt Sony pulls to the game lately Sony released a little and adorable old-school text experience minigame, and by solving it we found out eight distinct pieces of artwork in insane resolution.

If you would like to see more about God of War, you  may delight in the most recent narrative traileryet another recent trailersome pictures from a few weeks ago, a large bunch of info on the combat platform, the most recent  gameplay presented at   Paris Games Week, a trailer revealing  that the Dead Giant Stone Mason (which seemingly gives his name to this edition)another clip showcasing the enemy monsters named Revenant that we can also see herea similar movie  focusing to the Draugr, plus yet another  showing off the flame movie.

The game will launch on April 20th entirely for PS4.

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