No, Armature Isn’t Making Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4

Yesterday, rumors began swirling that developer Armature Studios accidentally leaked that they’re working on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to get PS4. Although every outlet below the sunlight was pleased to report the rumor, we chose to ask the origin. While no one would be happier to watch  Metal Gear Solid HD Collection make it to PS4, Armature is not working on the job.

Word comes Jonathan Zamkoff, head of business development at Armature Studios. When requested by DualShockers if they were working on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4, he tell us that this was a typo in an otherwise brand new website:

Unfortunately this is a escape nor indication the MGS HD collection is currently coming to PS4 and was just a typo by a few of our internet developers.   Or Armature is operating on some other MGS games.

In the interim, they are going to be pulling the information that is terrible from the website down.

But where does that rumor come from?

No, Armature Isn't Making Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4

However, as noted, that appears to merely be a typo on the page, that includes since been fixed by Armature. All things on the online spread rumors and quickly are a pernicious beast once they begin, to stop. With this in mind, there are more than a few outlets that have already reported without trying if it was true:

No, Armature Isn't Making Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4

The game was later picked up by Armature Studios to bring a PlayStation Vita jack at 2012, however they’re not operating on the series at the moment.

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