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SoulCalibur VI Videos Show Plenty of Explosive Gameplay and a Pro Player Vs. Developer Duel

The first video you’ll see below is a demonstration of the fundamentals of the game, showing pretty much exactly what a newbie into the game needs to learn to get into it. The next video goes somewhat more in-depth.

The next video is where things become interesting, as we get to find a game involving of Grøh and Nightmare. In addition, we get to find out both characters Edge moves.

The movie showcases the girls in action. We get to observe the Essential Edge for both women.

The third video shows a game between   Grøh and Kilik, also this time around in the controls really are pro-player Yuta “Kamisama” Kamizono from team Godsgarden contrary to the game’s Battle Planner. And here we get a opportunity to view Kilik’s Critical Edge in action and some high-level gameplay.

The video that is offers the contenders, playing Mitsurugi and Grøh. In the very first match Kamisama attained a slim victory but in the second the developer managed to have his revenge.

Sad to say, the quality of the movie is your normal for Nico Nico, which means very low. Regrettably, Japanese developers keep using it due to their livestream, therefore this is what we get.

You can check out the videos below. You can also like a heap of screenshots, seventeen moments of direct-feed gameplay which we filmed at a recent media eventa current trailer which introduced Grøh and marked the return of Kilik, Nightmare and Xianghua, another   trailer from December  featuring Sophitia,  another gameplay video, and   a few screenshots demonstrating more of Sophitia and Mitsurugi.

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