Star Citizen Gets New Videos About Ship Combat and Weapons; Crowdfunding Passes 178 MIllion Dollars

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a couple new videos focusing on battle.

The first video is that the weekly episode of Around the Verse including weapon reconciliation the foot and in distance, but we also get to find other goodies, including the very first iteration of character modification.

Both videos are certainly intriguing, as they shed light on some of the most peculiar and trickiest aspects of game development.

In other   Star Citizen information, the crowdfunding total has passed yet another milestone and is now over 178 million dollars. To be precise, its sitting178,194,460 at the moment of this writing.

The video that is full can be checked out by you under. If you wish to see and learn more, you’re able to enjoy more information about the single-player effort  Squadron 42 straight from Chris Roberts,  the spectacular   vertical part of this campaign, and a version of the same footage with commentary by the programmers, yet another  video featuring this Coila teaser starring Mark Hamill. You can also read more about the soundtrack, and the programs for the next major upgrade to the persistent universe, that’ll be alpha 3.1 in March.

For the sake of full disclosure, please keep in mind that the writer of the post is one of the backers of   Star Citizen‘s crowdfunding campaign.

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