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Monster Hunter World Nintendo Switch Port Would Be “Difficult” According to Capcom’s President

Since the announcement of Monster Hunter World, many requested a port for Nintendo Switch, however in accordance with Capcom President and Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto it might be problematic, since he said in an interview released this afternoon by Toyo Keizai Online.

Tsujimoto-san explains that the game was designed for home consoles and PC as there are limitations to what consoles can exhibit, and the programmers desired to make a game that went straight back to the drawing board using technology, responding to the expectations of gamers.

This enabled developers to display a ecology, also it’s an element that has been welcomed by players.

Asked about the chance of developing for Nintendo Switch, Tsujimoto-san confessed that there is such a demand, which is the reason why the publication already launched Monster Hunter XX on the Switch. However, considering “various states,” it would be difficult to port   Monster Hunter World into Nintendo Switch. The Switch is different from other home console both in consumer base and attributes.

Each console has its own characteristics, and Tsujimoto-san asserts that Capcom’s developers will need to make. How to do accommodate Capcom’s franchises to the Switch, for example  Monster Hunter, is a question that will be examined for your future.

Tsujimoto-san was asked about the budget and technology gap against major developers. He clarified that an effort to catch up with state-of-the-art tech later on must be made by Capcom. However, the most important variablet the tech itself, but producing interesting games which make the the majority of it. The purpose is to earn a planning effort to produce games that aren’t seen in other publishers’ lineups.

In addition to this, Capcom intends to use data. In the era in which sales of packaged games in the stores were the attention, means of listening to the consumers were restricted, but the world wide web allows to get a lot of info.

If you would like to find out more about the game, you  can read our inspection. Earlier last week, we all learned the game’s shipments have now passed six million globally, also we have an absolutelypdated schedule for challenge and event quests.

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