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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Video and Art Shows the Mighty Snow Cruiser Centurion

Few items brighten my day over the usual dose of Valkyria Chronicles 4 policy, and  the official Twitter  account   “Nikola and Kiara’s Infiltration Diary” has supplied today as well.

This time around, the resources we get aren’t related to specific characters (even if people do see several), but into the powerful Snow Cruiser Centurion, that’s the pride of the Navy of the United Kingdom of Edimburgh (that will be the game’s equal of the U.K.), and will function as a highly effective support weapon for Squad E.

Not just she heavily armed and armed, not forgetting outfitted with radar, but it might sail frozen land thanks to the support of classified technologies from the United States of Vinland (you guessed it, but they’re Valkyria Chronicles’ edition of the U.S.).

We get a movie, which shows the members of the ship’s crew, and a number of pieces of concept art showing the Centurion in all of its might. Incidentally, although most know Raita Honjou as Character Designer he’s a mecha designer too, because he made the Centurion himself.

You may check of the assets out below. If you want to see more, you are able to  watch more movies   from revealing Viola and Connormore artwork and a clip presenting Viktoria, much more screenshots and fascinating information on the settinga preview showcasing the Imperial casta different trailer, some  movies and art featuring Kai  along with  Raz, much more  videos revealing Zaiga along with Ferie, similar     movies and art about Rileyabother reveal about Claudethe latest batch of screenshots focusing on the Snow Cruiser Centurion and her crew,  a previous trailer some more screenshots by a few weeks ago, two recent gameplay videos from Taipei Game Showthe first gameplay  footage, also a  recent trailer showcasing the crossover DLC using the very first gameanother revealing a broad assortment of gameplay featuresthe prior batch of screenshots and datathe very first trailer, more screenshotsmore art and information, and   the first gallery of graphics.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will launch both in North America and Europe for both PS4, Nintendo Switch, along with Xbox One in 2018. It’ll hit the shelves in Japan to get PS4 and also for Nintendo Switch after in summer time.

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