Compile Heart’s Slightly Trollish Countdown Was for a Death End Re;Quest Event; New Gameplay Revealed

You know, occasionally we have these moments in which we recognize that we have been trolled. A few days ago started a teaser website using a countdown, and clearly, everyone believed it was for a brand new game.

It wasn’t.

The countdown died, now, and we understand that it had been for the announcement of a supply of tissues which are going to be held at 5:00 PM Japan Time in front of the third largest Trader shop in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Packages of tissues are a frequent promotional handout at Japan, in case the concept of a tissue supply seems odd to you. They include leaflets .

Even in this case, the veins may come with a booklet which will have a QR Code allowing fans to access a “special behind the scenes footage” of this game, on top of the latest information.

Incidentally, the event also intends to communicate the publisher’s apologies to the fans for its recently-announced delay.

In case you’re disappointed, then you can pretend comfort in the truth that we got some fresh gameplay, which you can enjoy below. If you wish to find out more, you can delight in the  preceding video from, a different from the afternoon before, a   trailer focusing on battle mechanics,another trailer revealing more of the battle strategysome recent screenshotsthe charming opening cutscene, another gameplay trailer an additional trailer showing more gameplay, a heap of artwork featuring the game’s waifus along with their hot glitch design,  a   gallery of screenshots  revealing more characters and mechanics, an older batch of screenshots with exactly the same attention, and  more images.

Death end re;Quest was designed to release in Japan only for PS4 on March 1st, however  we recently learned of a delay to April 12th. No western release has been declared for the moment.

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