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Past Cure Review — It’s Terrible

I won’t mince words  Past Cure is a terrible video game. Simply calling it bad, however, doesn’t frankly explain exactly how shockingly terrible it is in each way. Between its foolish story, horrible gunplay, and animations in the PS2 age of consoles, Past Cure has blown my head and reached new depths of awfulness that I didn’t understand was possible at 2018.

It’s’s really tough to know just where to even start with the significant problems found in Past Cure, however I figure it’s’s easiest to start with the very dumbfounding region of the adventure: its narrative. Up front, I wish to say that coming to  Past Cure I was very excited to see that the story which Phantom 8 Studio had established. The team wore its inspirations on its sleeve stating they were attempting to mimic  Past Cure as a psychological-thriller in precisely the identical vein as movies such as  Inception along with  Fight Club having an additional element of activity from something like   John Wick. On paper, this left me interested.

This’s so much as my excitement obtained. The game’s simple premise follows a protagonist known only as Ian who’s hunting down a group of men that held him captive and performed experiments for decades . Ian learns that he has powers — if they could be called these — that let him do things like disable security cameras and solve block puzzles after escaping. I’m being facetious however, the supposed   powers which Ian has play no critical role in the gameplay part of Past Cure.

He uses begin to cause him to delve into insanity, Ian strives to locate his captors and correct himself. While this might sound promising, what the true issue with it’s the way that the story is advised. “ What the heck are they, ” and? ” at the very least a dozen occasions over the span of the five or so hour playtime. In fact, the only way I managed to restate the plot of Past Cure for you was searching up the description of the game on its website.  

Past Cure Review -- It's Terrible

Also worth noting in regards to narrative and characters is all that Past Cure comprises exactly the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard in my life. The operation for Ian, specifically, is really devoid of emotion that I’m upset with the voice celebrity in question because of his performance and am worried that Phantom 8 deemed it worthy enough for the game. For a game which tries to rely on its own story, the act of listening to its characters talk becomes a job.

Even farther, it doesn’t help once the dialogue in question is so awful I start laughing when I shouldn’t. My roommate came into the room when watching me play   Past Cure this past weekend and within moments he started cracking up by merely listening to the characters talk.   Days and that hes still making jokes about one area in which a character reminisces about the period. I suppose you could say that the dialog is memorable but not to the ideal reasons.

In fact, that theyre likely somehow. The very best way I could describe   Past Cure concerning its motion and gunplay is to have you envision a self-study activity game from fifteen decades back. Got it? Great. Now I want you to imagine the exact same kind of early 2000s third-person game using more imprecise aiming and a personality that seems like his knees don’t bend when walking — a notice we alluded to in our prior vertical slit preview of the game. This picture should hopefully help give you a better picture of  what is like to play   Past Cure.

Past Cure Review -- It's Terrible

Even writing this, I’m honestly so bemused that Past Cure is somehow worse with respect to controls than games that I was playing when I was in grade school. This in combination with horrible AI weapons, and as I mentioned previously, “forces slow down time create to get a snoozefest of a experience.   Past Cure also motivates you to use stealth to your benefit quite a little, and boy, people play out just about as well as you would expect. I have a more substantial problem using video games as a whole that toss unneeded stealth mechanisms and Past Cure has joined that list.

Each the action sequences which happen occur within some exceptionally environments with one parking garage segment being specifically egregious.   Past Cure is a ugly looking game which also suffers often from texture pop-in. In addition, the character design isI’m running out of damaging descriptive adjectives – abhorrent into the slew of soldiers from main characters like Ian that you’ll come across. The finalized character models in   Past Cure seem like ancient concept models that’d you’d see from the first days of game development for other titles.

A couple of technical issues plagued my gaudy knowledge in Past Cure more than it had to be. While playing on PS4, the game appeared me twice, and I watched a handful of graphic errors. Worst of all of these was a glitch that prevented me away from witnessing the game’s cutscene. That they are familiarized with this particular bug, as of now, Phantom 8 has told me, and I trust that it’ll be adjusted upon final release.

Past Cure Review -- It's Terrible

Perhaps my main problem with Past Cure above what I have said is that it seems really uninspired. I’m likely to think that Phantom 8 Studio discovered anything at  Past Cure to be exactly what I would consider “fun”  since there’s merely not able to be consumed. In case you were to play with this game and inform me which you had a great time with it, then I would encourage you to test your pulse as you’re dead. In all seriousness though, I just cant know what Phantom 8 has been trying to achieve with this project since it doesn’t sense unique or fleshed out in any manner.

The only real thing that I can say about   Past Cure is that I’ve accepted this strike and then played the game to you you don’t have to. At a time at which I think games are better than ever, so I  implore you to spend your hard-earned free time cozying up to literally some other game — actually  Superman 64.   Past Cure is not merely the worst game I have played over the last few years; it’s now on the shortlist of worst games I’ve ever played in my life.

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