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Call of Duty: WWII Weapon Tuning Update Revealed

Players who have been frustrated with the ADS time on particular weapons in   Call of Duty: WWII can finally be satisfied as developer Sledgehammer Games has launched a new upgrade for the first-person shooter, which changes the aforementioned feature, in addition to fixes a few different problems in the game.

All SMGs, Rifles, along with LMGs have experienced their ADS times buffed, while the Kar98K and M1903 have all had their ADS occasions nerfed, meaning quickscopers will have a little harder time getting shots off, however, it has been confirmed that this is simply a slight change, and ought to affect gameplay too much.

Besides this, three weapons all have had their recoil although other weapons also got a lot of changes.

You may have a look at the collection of patch notes, right from Sledgehammer Games, in the close of the report.

Put simply  Call of Duty: WWII information, it had been recently announced that PC players will have the ability to try the game’s multiplayer entirely free of charge for this weekend only, and most of advancements made during this trial will carry over to the final game.

Call of Duty: WWII was originally released on November 3, 2017, also is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.


  • Buffed foundation ADS times and buffed ADS in from sprint occasions (ADS rush out times match ADS from sprint times)


  • Buffed foundation ADS transition instances, but not ADS from sprint times/ADS sprint out times, in an effort to maintain a gap between the SMG and AR course playstyles
  • Nerfed ADS transition instances (a Small quickscoping nerf)


  • Buffed base ADS times

Notice: Base ADS times for SMGs are faster than Rifles, and Rifles are faster than LMGs. To put it differently, there is more of a differentiation between class playstyles.


  • Buffed recoil in an effort to get a more aggressive SMG on level with all the PPSh-41
  • Nerfed fire speed so that the damage output is more in line with other weapons in its own category


  • Buffed Forged in an effort to make it more manageable to shoot down range and give a greater comparison to the M1 Garand
  • Nerfed trendy spread to match the M1 Garand’s in an effort to decrease the ability to quickly kill enemies in closer ranges


  • Buffed fire pace in an effort to ensure it is a more aggressive choice amongst the other rifles (still marginally slower than the Gewehr 43)
  • Buffed fire pace in an effort to ensure it is a more aggressive choice among the other rifles (still marginally quicker than M1A1)
  • Buffed recoil (nearer to that of M1A1)
  • Buffed clip size should be 12 rounds each clip rather than 10

M30 Luftwaffe Drilling

  • Buffed harm per liter to be about par with the New Sawed-Off Shotgun changes that this shotgun currently has an automatic 2-shot kill and also a slightly more forgiving one-shot kill
  • Buffed shotgun harm scope, so it’s currently more viable to complete an opponent who did not die from a gun bullet
  • Buffed ADS disperse to allow for better accuracy when shooting enemies that are outside of the obvious shotgun range (while ADS)
  • Buffed clip dimensions to be 8 shots per clip instead of 6 in an effort to Permit players to get more success using this weapon
  • Nerfed ADS disperse to be on par with additional shotguns (aside from the M30)

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