Shenmue III Trailer Shows Characters, Environments, and Much More

This is truly an protracted version of a trailer that was showcased behind closed doors in Gamescom 2017 and is being shown publicly for the first time, so it comes with some important caveats.

Basically, the footage is just six months old. Once it enables us take a peek at several characteristics of this game, like quicktime events and what appear like minigames, it’s really not agent of the visuals of the game, that have evolved very substantially since then.

Making a comparison with the newest screenshots and those from January is actually a fantastic opportunity to see just how much the game has developed. The game’s resources have changed considerably after the publishing venture with Deep Silver, which also resulted in an outsourcing deal with all Indian Studio Lakshya Digital, that   is working on the character models.

It is possible to check the video out below, courtesy of YouTube user   Tublushi. You must remember that the video was recorded in the projector’s display, so the grade is not perfect. A direct-feed variant hasn’t been released just yet.

The game has been announced for PC and PS4.

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