Indie Supernatural RPG Hellhunter Changes Name to HellSign Due to Trademark Filed by Rebellion

Altering the title of an already declared game mid-development can be a risky move, but a few programmers are forced to do so due from larger studios to trademarks or copyrights. Today, Australian Cartoon developer Ballistic Interactive announced that it will be changing the name of its supernatural RPG Hellhunter to HellSign  due to a trademark filed by Rebellion Developments, a large British writer and publisher.

Pete Skyking of Ballistic Interactive explained that the programmers did contemplate trademarking the title to the start of growth, but chose not to as it’s expensive and not normally something many indie games don’t perform, despite the fact that they actually should. Regrettably, when they went to check on the trademark they detected Rebellion had filed it:

“We looked in to trademarks early. However, as we were on a small indie budget, and discovered that lots of powerful games didn’t even have a trademark on launching, we chose to take the risk and rather put the money toward making a game. Unfortunately, when we did choose to touch, we discovered that Rebellion had ’ trademarked ‘ hell hunter. We obtained legal advice and have been told this would be a problem. ”

Ballistic Interactive claims that Rebellion was sort regarding the entire situation while they did end up needing to change their name ’ s title. Pete says he spoke to Jason Kingsley, Rebellion’so called CEO, about the whole situation before the finally determined they were going to change the name of Hellhunter to HellSign:

“Considering that the sticky situation was amazing. He not only personally responded to us handled it! He was receptive to helping us but unfortunately, in the end of the afternoon and working something out, as indies working that our only two options were cut content, or to change our title. Needless to say, we needed to change the name. ”

For all those of you curious about the game itself, HellSign is an investigative supernatural RPG where players control a hunter who is fighting dreadful animals in the afterlife in a little town in Australia. Players have to take advantage of their knowledge as a hunter and also the tools in order to survive. It’s a shame they can’t utilize the first title that is suitable for the game’s premise, but the name HellSign nonetheless looks pretty fitting.

You can take a look at a number of screenshots and a teaser trailer for your game under. Even with all the name change, HellSign is still currently set to release on PC after this year.

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