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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Devs Clarify Stretch Goal Support Following Spat with Media

The silver lining for this is some fresh info for backers and the game’s growing fanbase on the development process.

The miscommunication started on Thursday if book Polygon reported that the “Kingdom Come: Deliverance group will not commit to Kickstarter stretch targets” — specifically the puppy companion and a feminine playable character. When asked regarding the status of the stretch target growth, Warhorse’s PR stated:

The growth is presently focusing on producing the best experience to the bottom game as you can for as many fans as you can. There is more in evolution including a number of their KS stretch goals, but there is no public timeframe for launch yet.

With this quotation, a few outlets opined or misread that Warhorse was not able to support their stretch objectives, despite their clear fiscal success. Perhaps it didn’t support this the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, made a comment that they aren’t engaged with the Kickstarter effort.

Following some brief chaos one of the game’so neighborhood, Vávra created an appearance on Twitter to correct the listing. In a series of tweets, Vávra noted the statement had been read incorrectly. The puppy companion and feminine personality quests will be sent as complimentary DLC to get  Kingdom Come: Deliverance, along with Warhorse Studios is no less dedicated  to bringing that to backers.

Giving additional updates to this announcement, Vávra let the fanbase  are aware that the studio is currently working on animating the puppy along with also the  Tournament manner is being scripted, should be included soon in DLC. Rather, the original reported remark was only supposed to highlight they’re prioritizing technical fixes together with the game first.

Obviously, that prioritization is something that DualShockers agrees with. We analyzed  Kingdom Come: Deliverance this week, devoting the game that a 6.0 out of 10 frequently noting the game-breaking issues (at the time) on consoles. And while we loved the potential of the game, perhaps it had been crushed by the weight of ambition.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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