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State of Decay 2 Boasts No Microtransactions and Cross-Platform Play

Each year has a different gaming buzzword; this season it’s “no more microtransactions. ” And also this “feature” has been noted as a large selling point (for lovers, at least) to get Sony’s largest game this spring, God of War.  

This may come as a shock. Seattle-based programmer Undead Labs has said before that they’re contrary to the tendency of micro-transactions. In among Undead Labs’ many reside flows, the chat was fraught with comments asking how exactly they plan to reinvent the very reduced cost.

With this question in mind, one of these Undead Labs community supervisors noted from the State of Decay 2 Discord channel firmly that the game has no plans of implementing paid microtransactions:

State of Decay 2

Clearly, is a line drawn here between other DLC as well as microtransactions. Whereas paid DLC may insure expansions — something that lots of fans of this series like — it won’t include things like loot boxes or crates. It wasn’t expanded on if decorative alternatives would fall into the latter group, however, we can surely hope so.

Speaking about the $30 price, Undead Labs recognized the $30 price tag has been a danger for a ambitious game — and faking to dip into a microtransaction honeypot could place that additional in peril. But they noted both in their Discord along with the livestreams that it was a conscious decision by both these and Microsoft to create a low barrier of entrance and get as many players considering the game early on. With a committed community, they think they’ll be able to make back the costs — especially with people purchasing the expansions down the line.

Out of this, some lingering questions about the game got answered. Yes, there will be Xbox One-PC cross game  drama. In other words, gamers who have friends on both consoles do’t should arrange everyone to purchase for only one platform.

On top of that, players going into State of Decay 2 shouldn’t expect “character development” so to speak, so much as character detection and fine-tuning. Rather, Undead Labs is adhering into the expression Character Promotion or Character Development. More details on this will be shared later.

As one other sub-note, it seems like Undead Labs (now) isn’t certain whether the keys will be region locked — from the sense where buddies will want to be sure you get the suitable key for other areas.

State of Decay 2 is forecast to go on a press spree within their build-up to launch. Earlier this week it was demonstrated the game will be coming out in a little more than two months, then we got 25 minutes of gameplay footage showing zombie-slaying mayhem. Even better, those catching the brand new Xbox Game Pass would get access to State of Decay 2 on day one.

As mentioned above, State of Decay 2 comes to PC and Xbox One on May 22, 2018.

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