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State of Decay 2 Shows Off 25 Minutes of Co-op Multiplayer in Gameplay Footage

Anyone following gaming media must expect a whole lot of news about State of Decay 2 within the next few months. Not only is it programmer Undead Labs’ zombie game ramping up into a May 22 launch date, however, the game a part of novel IGN’s “IGN First” program — a sort of advertising blitz via publication-exclusive news briefings. As well as the advantage of all, this blitz includes some of the longest gameplay footage we all’ve seen about the open-world survival game.

Seen from the footage below uploaded by IGN, the game shows off 25 minutes of four-player play. Swapping between all four players, you will find that the team choose the roads and conquer zombies, all while looting cars, buildings, and some other bodies they could. It appears that — as expected with most zombie names — the name of this game is crowd controller, so that you aren’t overrun by the undead hordes.

Outside of the actual mechanics of gameplay we observe a couple of diverse environments and gameplay gets usually more tense when nighttime rolls in. Outside on-foot drifting, there’s a good amount of forcing peppered into provide some added freedom. Oh, and scratching the unquenchable desire to run down every brain-eater in sight.

More information about State of Decay 2 is undoubtedly along the way, given it is among the biggest Microsoft releases coming out this year — let alone this Spring. Outside of the release date announcement, we now learned recently that State of Decay 2 will be a part of the updated Xbox Game Pass  along with other big titles like   Crackdown 3if that game comes out.

If you are interested in a zombie killing, then rip-roaring combined gameplay, check out the IGN-provided gameplay vide under:


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