Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation Gets New Update and White Day Event with SS Matches

The update, numbered 01.14.01 introduces the second portion of the Hadaka no Kokoro White Day occasion, prompting players to fall presents to offer to their favorite ladies so as to receive their brand new SR bikini in market (which necessitates 100 presents).

As usual, the accumulative number of presents delivered will even allow you to unlock new scenes for the event.

Most intriguing, the event also will come with new SS games, and people are rather succulent, as beating them will net you Stones, endurance unlock gems, a halt hourglass, and 3 SSR vouchers (eight of these provide you with a ticket for a guaranteed SSR draw).

A brand new gacha has also been added, featuring an outfit for Honoka called Momo Denim. You can check it out in the gallery.

The upgrade also adds the chance to jump part of the match result screen, which ought to make it less time-consuming.

F you need to play with the game on your PC (it is only in Japanese but it’s fairly easy to understand) you’ll be able to find out how to in our handy guide.

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