Mary Skelter 2 Introduces Familiar Characters in Opening Movie

Compile Heart launched the opening movie for their upcoming dungeon crawling RPG Mary Skelter 2, arriving to PlayStation 4 to June 28 in Japan.

The opening film verifies that a huge collection of the cast from Mary Skelter: Nightmares will be coming back with new examples that make them seem somewhat old. It needs to be noted that Mary Skelter 2 on PlayStation 4 will contain the original game in the series which was exclusive to Vita.

Like the previous name, the party must make an effort to escape a living prison, yet, new characters like  Tsuu and Small Mermaid will join the party in their pursuit.

Should you’d love to find out more about Mary Skelter, please check out our overview of Mary Skelter: Nightmares at which we dive into the living jail and discover all that this game has to offer, which is far more than you expect at first glance.

At present, there is no western launch date statement, but because the prior game has been released in the west we can likely expect a localization announcement in the future.

The opening picture can be watched by you under:

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