Hearthstone’s Next Expansion The Witchwood Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment shown Hearthstone‘s following growth, The Witchwood, alongside a goofy statement video compiling a few of the collection’s new features.

The forthcoming expansion’s theme is in line with the town of Gilneas, a kingdom that houses several Worgen citizens. Some cards, such as “Baku that the Mooneater along with “Genn Greymane” will give you bonuses for having a deck which only comprises even or odd-cost cards. In addition, cards for example “Pumpkin Peasant” will change its own attack and health each turn while in-hand.

The Witchwood will include 135 fresh cards, a few of which will possess the newest Echo and Rush abilities. Echo cards let you play with it as many times as you’d enjoy in a single turn so long as you have the mana for it. Minions with all the Hurry capability are like those using Charge, letting you attack the identical turn the card has been throw. However, the new movement is limited to only minions.

Comparable to Kobolds & Catacombs‘ Dungeon Run, The Witchwood‘s single-player mode, Monster Hunt, will allow you to select a hero to battle an assortment of supervisors and accumulate their bounties to build a deck to further progress. The mode will be available two weeks after the growth releases.

People who pre-purchase the growth will likely create a 50 card pack bundle, the In a Dark Wood card back, and 20 extra The Witchwood card packs. The official Hearthstone Twitch station will run card show livestream to your new pair on March 26th in 11 a.m. PDT.

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