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Ubisoft Opens Up New Studios in Mumbai and Odesa to Work on AAA Titles

Ubisoft was around really the upswing about the company side of things in recent months. They have acquired Brawlhalla developer Blue Mammoth Games, freed themselves from some Vivendi takeover, as well as partnered with Tencent in order to expand to China. They continued this positive trend now by announcing that they have formed two new studios. One is situated in Mumbai, India and another is currently in Odesa, Ukraine.

As is to be expected, these brand new studios will cooperate with all others to bolster Ubisoft’s AAA game development. Ubisoft Odesa, which will assist different studios in working on the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise, has been seemingly currently open for company and attempting to hire 60 people over the following couple of years. This studio will be run by Adrian Serbanescu, Studio Manager of Ubisoft Kiev.

“Ubisoft initially came to Kiev 10 decades back and since then the team grew and took on challenging projects, but alongside Kiev, we have always been fascinated in Odesa and the ideal event to us to demonstrate this was by opening an office there.   We’re really happy to see the industry evolving in Ukraine and to see so many men and women that are enthusiastic about game development. ”

That studio is planning to expand quickly to over 100 individuals within two years, and are partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology and   Intuit Lab in order to do so.

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of Ubisoft’s existence in India and at Ukraine. Our dedication to both nations has become strengthened with these expansions into Mumbai and Odesa.   I am proud to see our production presence is increasing, and strongly believe it is by expanding and investing our knowledge and expertise internally that we’ll be able to keep bringing the high excellent entertainment experiences of these future. ”

DualShockers will make certain to let you know when new names created in cooperation with these two new studios have been announced.

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