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Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Update 1.06: Adds Photo Mode and More; Patch Notes Inside

Now Koei Tecmo released a new upgrade for its recently-released open-world Musou game Dynasty Warriors 9.  

The patch is called 1.06 and its main feature is the addition of a photograph mode to take snapshots of your own officers in action.

Below you can find the entire patch notes.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Update 1.06: Adds Photo Mode and More; Patch Notes Inside
As stated earlier, the  principal element of the update is the implementation of this photograph mode, which comes with a nice suite of attributes. It may be accessed in the pause menu, in which it has its own entrance listed at the top. You can change the angle and degree of zoom.

Within the characteristic, you experience an environment tab which lets you alter the time of day and weather. The Effects menu lets you change the colour temperature, impact, impact intensity, chromatic aberration and vignette effect.

Needless to say, you also possess a camera menu  which allows you tweak vulnerability, roll, field of view, depth of field, depth of focus, and focal ratio.

Stone with new effects have also been added, along with impacts that exceed the maximum value that has been formerly possible.

You may take a look at a few screenshots of the picture mode directly from Koei Tecmo below. If you wish to read more about the game, you   can enjoy our review  along with also a  recent interview. We have info regarding the forthcoming DLC:

Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently accessible for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.

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