Detroit: Become Human Gets Interview Videos Featuring the Game’s Actors

Three movies released featuring three figures from Quantic Dream’s sci-fi game, Detroit: Become Human, as well as the actors that play them.

Actors Valorie Curry, Bryan Dechart, and Jesse Williams discuss every one of the characters   — Kara, Connor, and Markus respectively — and where their journey may carry them. Each movie also gives a fantastic look behind-the-scenes, showing the actors in mo-cap matches acting out select strings in the upcoming game. You may check all them.

Detroit: Become Human is the hottest action-adventure game developed by French game studio, Quantic Dream. Like previously released titles such as Heavy Rain along with Beyond: Two Souls, the programmer’s second name will enable you to earn many different options that will result in one of the game’s several endings.

If you want to check out more out of Detroit: Become Human, here are a few screenshots flaunting the capabilities of this game’s Detroit 3D engine optimization.

Take a look at our preview to find out what we think of this game thus far.

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