Fighting EX Layer Reveals “Sanane” and Hayate; More DLC Fighters Teased (If the Game Sells Well)

The trailer reveals two characters, Sanane and Hayate. Hayate is a recognizable face from the Street Fighter EX series, but Sanane appears to be new. I said “appears” since the similarity with Street Fighter EX‘s Nanase is extremely obvious. Exactly the actress also voices her.

In the moment we don’t understand if calling her Sanane (which will be only “Nanase” scrambled) is an April Fool, or even a matter of licensing. Cracker Jack has also been renamed just “Jack” in Fighting EX Layer for the exact identical reason.

We also get to watch some sketches for potential DLC personalities, even though Arika President Akira Nishitani cites that they’ll be created only if the game sells well enough, even requesting the fans to buy it so as to meet up with the company’s target for the first month.

Funnily, a personality reproducing the likeness of SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda can be showcased, but that’s clearly an April Fool.

YOu can check out the trailer below. You can also see a current batch of trailers.

Fighting Ex Layer will release globally for PS4 prior to the end of June 2018, however the developers aren’t excluding the possibility of a PC version down the line, even if it’s far from supported. For today just the PS4 variant was promised.

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