New God of War Trailer Showcases Kratos’ Leviathan Axe

The latest video contains the game’s developers going behind the scenes of Kratos’ Leviathan axe.

From the video, creative director Cory Barlog emphasizes how legendary blades would be into the series, and had originally pitched the notion of Kratos being in a position to establish an axe in his enemies. The movie proves that players will not only be able to throw Kratos’ axe, however they will also have the ability to call it back to his hand. This seems to be definitely motivated by the Norse god Thor, and also his capacity to call back his hammer   Mjölnir. With this latest installment at the God of War series with roots in Norse mythology and not Greek like previous games, it fits with all the lore’s inspiration of this game.

God of War has already gone gold before its April 20th launch. It’ll be released for PS4.   You can check out the video containing Kratos’ Levithan axe below.   You may even see videos concentrated on the lore that motivated  God of War  in addition to an awesome TV commercial for the game.

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