Studio MONO Reveals INSOMNIA: The Ark Teaser Trailer on Steam

Independent Russian programmer Studio MONO shown on Twitter this week which their Steam page to get  their game INSOMNIA: The Ark is currently readily available for players to check out. They also declared their partnership with HeroCraft, who has  published games such as   Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf.   To celebrate, a teaser trailer has been released for the story-driven roleplay game.

INSOMNIA:  The Ark will find players awakened having a rare psychological disease on Object 6, a retro-futuristic space station.   They might have to discover the facts about humankind’s 400 year travel to locate a new house.   Players are going to have the ability to craft equipment, interact with factions and NPCs, and attempt to remain alive in a gigantic space metropolis.

The trailer shows a gloomy urban dystopia which in some instances appears very much enjoy the rundown town of Rapture in   the Bioshock series.   Additionally, it reveals the close and ranged combat players will engage in and a culture that’s certainly in a condition of unrest.

A Kickstarter effort for INSOMNIA: The Ark began several decades ago. The campaign says the game will soon be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, however, the Steam page shares platform requirements for PC at the moment. The game will be released sometime later this season.   You may check out the trailer below.

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