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Unbox Far Cry 5: Father Edition with the Actual Father, Greg Bryk

From Far Cry 3‘s Michael Mando (voice actor of Vaas) now to Far Cry 5‘s Greg Bryk (voice performer of Joseph Seed), Ubisoft has ever had a knack for casting unique people as inspiration to their always colorful cast of villains. Since Far Cry 5 continues to ramp up its deadline nicely after launch, we’re treated to some movie of Greg Bryk unboxing the distinctive collector’s edition of this game to hilarious results.

The Far Cry 5: Father Edition contains a giant box with Joseph Seed’s face on it, the more steelbox Gold Edition of this game which includes Deluxe bonuses plus a year, the game’s soundtrack, a map of Hope County and a lovely amount of Joseph Seed.

Not included are Joseph Seed’s sweet sunglasses, but don’t stress: you can purchase that yummy slice of fashion on the Ubisoft shop, and, as Greg Bryk proposes, you can even develop a guy bun and start a cult of your own!

It is possible to buy the limited edition Far Cry 5: Father Edition here for $159.99, though since it’s limited edition, you should go ahead and fasten your Father box as soon as possible if’s something that you desire. The typical variation of Far Cry 5 is currently available for $59.99 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, also you’ll be able to take a look at our review of this game here. Cult searching that is happy!

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