Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Gets Direct Feed Gameplay Videos Showing Nintendo Switch Version

The gameplay shown in three videos reveals Adol along with the gang journeying through dungeons and fighting a variety of enemies. Also included are some conversation scenes. The key takeaway from these movies is that it provides players a preview of exactly what the game resembles running on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay displayed below is still in development and might change in the final item.

Additionally, we have assembled screenshots from the PlayStation 4 variant as well as the Vita version to compare the three versions of this game. However, the PC model was recently declared to arrive on April 16-via Steam. The PC and Switch launch will include the update to the game’s text and voiceovers, which is accessible  via an electronic upgrade to the PS4 and PS Vita variant now.

Should you’d like to know more, it is also possible to read   our original review of the PS4 variant.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will start on Nintendo Switch on June 26 in North America and June 29 in Europe, and available today for PlayStation 4 along with PlayStation Vita, with the PC version on the way place to launch on April 16.

You can see the 3 gameplay videos below along with the screenshot contrast that we have provided just for your viewers That Actually want to view the gaps between all of variations:

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