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AMC Partners With Twitch for a PUBG Tournament for The Walking Dead This Weekend

Given the similarities that   PUBG  must AMC’so called wildly-popular The Walking Dead, it just seems appropriate that the two would mashup somehow, and that weekend you’ll see this in action on “Survival Sunday. ”

The event itself will probably provide a championship between eight distinct Twitch streamers at a 4v4 set up, together with the participating streamers including   Sacriel, ChocoTaco, Anthony_Kongphan, iiJERiiCHOii, VernNotice, GoldGlove, JoshOG and Fairlight_Excalibur. Commentary during the stream will be accomplished Scott “ Coltrane ” Cole and by “ Dead_flip ”.

All in all, the championship will drop all eight players from each other at the Zombies Mode in   PUBG, with each participating team to symbolize among the two programs airing on AMC that nighttime – one team to  The Walking Dead, and also yet another for Fear the Walking Dead.

The championship itself will kick off on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at 4pm ET and is currently expected to run through till approximately 8pm ET, contributing to the airing of both   The Walking Dead programme’s episodes to the evening.

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