God of War Director Talks About a Moment in Which “Everything Was Falling Apart”; Would Like to Work on His Own IP

However its worth mentioning that in game development success comes at the price of a pile of effort, and that there are often moments where developers struggle to see the light at the tunnel’s end. Apparently this happened to Barlog himself at a certain point during the maturation of God of War, as he mentioned during an interview on the Skill Up YouTube station.

According to Barlog, there was a moment in the center of the job in which “ all fell apart ” and the team struggled to meet a few deadlines. By himself thinking “ what am I doing at the moment, time was spent by Barlog? I’m gonna be the person who took a franchise and brought it down to its knees. ”

Barlog ended up bringing a wonderful experience to us , and did not give up. Earlier in the meeting, he mentioned a compelling line for his staff is “ uncertainty than dread will ” which he outlines with “ fuck doubt ” kills fantasies. It may be a version on “ doubt kills fantasies than collapse ever will ” quote by Suzy Kassem, although he also doesn ’ t recall who said it.

Interestingly, it appears He would like to work to his new IP from the long run:

“I’d like to create something of my own second, something which really is 100. ”

Whilst Balrog thinks that will be amazing, that being said, in addition, he said that hell have to determine if he can persuade Sony Interactive Entertainment about it.

F you want to read more of what we think about the game, you can take a look at our overview. You could even take a look at the difference between operation mode and resolution style in the game, and a movie showing that the unboxing of this spiffy test kit.

You are still in time to pre-order the variant of this game, that releases April 20th exclusively on PS4.  You are able to do so on Amazon.

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