Nintendo’s Kyoto Headquarters Explored in Latest Nintendo Minute

By now, anyone who follows Nintendo’s committed account that is YouTube is aware of Nintendo Minute — that the half-promotional broadcasts by neighborhood manager Kit and Krysta covering everything Nintendo. This week, the pair went above and outside, traveling   to Japan mid-cherry blossom time to provide a (very) brief look at Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto.

Seen in the video below, thetrip” of all Nintendo’s HQ was a fraction of this excursion. The pair start off on the West Coast, revealing their  visit to the airport and also on the plane — all enjoying their portable Nintendo Switch. Nearly three minutes into the movie, Kit and Krysta input Japan greeted by a mass of Nintendo signs and paraphernalia at Kyoto’s airport.

Krysta and Kit end up in Nintendo ’ s Headquarters — but maybe not too much is revealed after taking the train to get a bit. Essentially, the movie shows off the entrance lobby, which is pristine (if not sterile looking). From here, the duo explores a Tatami Room — i.e., a room which has wall-to-wall tatami mats — like some Nintendo promotional videos. After enjoying a couple of pick-up  Nintendo Switch games, Kit and Krysta enjoy Ramen reveal the panoramic view, and point out where game development occurs.

The Nintendo HQ’s true tour wraps up about nine minutes in, with the remainder of the video exploring sounds and the sights of Kyoto and a few enjoyable swag they managed to grab in Japan. These may need to take a peak in the movie below, while it is by no means the most-extensive look into the Nintendo headquarters. And in the event you still don’t have a Switch and need to live as much as being just like Bundle and Krysta, then you  can buy your unit on Amazon.

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