Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.3 and iOS/Android Companion App Revealed; Tons of Content Coming in May

Now, during the Hottest “Letter from the Producer Live” Final Fantasy XIV broadcast Producer and Manager Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi Showed Upgrade 4.3 and the brand new Final Fantasy XIV Companion Program for iOS and Android.

First of all, the patch will probably be titled “Under the Moonlight” and will likely be published in late May 2018. Because you might imagine, Yotsuyu will be featured in the principal scenario pursuit thing, of.

A brand new side quest for The Four Lords series will also be additional. His new chapter will be even got by Hildibrand.

A brand new Beast Tribe are also inserted, and it’ll be the Namazu. The quest is going to be centered on crafters and gatherers. Its look is still a secret although obviously, we now ll purchase a mount. A fresh Doman Reconstruction chain will also be added.

The single new instanced dungeon will be named “The Swallow’s Compass” and you’re able to have a look at a couple screenshots below. New trials will also be added (ordinary and intense), but they’re still a key.

A brand new Deep Dungeon will be branded “Heaven-on-High“, and it’ll be located in the Genga-like tower in the Ruby Sea. It’ll require level 60 plus it’ll have a hundred flooring. Solo players or even a party of up to four will be able to enter, but floors 31 and upward are made for hardcore parties which want a luxury challenge.

This will actually arrive in upgrade 4.35. New content which connects Anemos into Pagos is going to be implemented in patch 4.3.

A brand new ultimate challenge will be added, branded “The Minstrel’s Ballad: The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate)”.

Further tweak and additions will consist of job adjustments for Black Knight, Samurai, and Astrologian, different upgrades to PvP including daily rotations such as frontlines, an update to the glamor platform (which will let you reclaim items become glamors and much more), new cartoons and new sounds for your Performance Action, a guestbook for home, cross-server linkshells of around 64 members, also a new Custom Deliveries client, and the addition of Alexander to the Daily Roulette: Raids.

Even bigger news may be the brand-new companion app for iOS and Android titled Final Fantasy XIV Companion. You may see it below.

The app will be downloadable for free on Google Play and iTunes. Youll have the ability to login with your Square Enix accounts and choose a character to use when you start it with the program who will be chosen automatically. ’ ll get an favored destination, if you apply the program you.

There’ll be a premium plan for about $5 (500 yen) per month, but most services will be a part of this totally free plan.

Scheduler and the char will be free, enabling players to interact with other people in the game. The schedule will permit you to send invites plan events, and configure notifications. Management such as stock and armory chest will be free. Direction for saddlebags and retainers are going to be premium.

Whilst premium users will have their own capability triple and will be able to employ another retainer at no cost the plan has the use of the market board.

There will be login bonuses granting a “Kupo Nut” every day. Giving out a nut into your moogle may have them buy a product in the marketplace board. An currency named Moogle Coins are also implemented, allowing players buy items on the market board, revise market listings, and place items available.

No launch window has been provided for the add just yet, and Yoshida-san encouraged players to wait just a bit longer as there’s still debugging to be performed (especially focused on the Android version).

We have to see leaves of the gear design contest’s winning entry and a new glamor apparel that appears super-cute. Talking of glamors, recently Square Enix showed bunny outfits for boys coming soon.

Incidentally, we also notice that Square Enix is trying to find new programmers, since they’re planning to enlarge the game.

If you wish to find out more about Final Fantasy XIV, you can also appreciate our recent interview with Naoki Yoshida and our overview of this  Stormblood  growth.

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