Nintendo Releases Footage from Splatoon 2 Live Concert

Splatoon 2 is well-known for using a magical group of pop-idol hostesses in its casting of characters–be it Marina and Pearl or returning favorites Callie along with Marie. 2 years back, Callie and Marie were pitted against each other at a Splatfest to the passing…or that’s my mind canon, anyhow.

Regardless of which squid-girl you believe is best squid-girl (or octopus-girl, should you’re into this), enthusiasts of Splatoon and of these pop-idol hostesses should rejoice: Nintendo has released a week-long recording of Marina, Pearl, Callie and Marie performing live (sort of) at Polymanga 2018 for buffs who couldn’t be available. This is your chance to view  Splatoon 2 input the bright world of holograms and shake out to the dolcid tones of the inky siren friends.

The concert includes a live band and several tunes from Splatoon 2, such as Off the Twist and lots of tunes from the game being played by Pearl and Marina. Not to be outdone, Marie and Callie also take a look, singing a few of the hits . The finale ends with all four girls singing and dance and its a showing.

Splatoon 2 hosts a number of events, which range from festivals such as all these to Splatfests.

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