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Re-Logic Officially Cancels Development of Terraria: Otherworld

Development of this game Terraria: Otherworld has officially been cancelled.   This week Re-Logic, programmer of Terraria,  declared the decision to stop operating on the spin-off of this initial title on Terraria’s  official forum.

The game was   declared back in 2015. Now Re-Logic believes that the game is still too far from its vision and too behind schedule to continue.   They emphasized the fact that quality would not dash to, in their own wordsmake a buck” and proceeded to state,

…we feel strongly that we owe this to our community and loyal customers to maintain the standards that both we and you anticipate and to focus on providing the very best games which we could for you to play with.

Going Re-Logic claims they learned from their mistake in announcing the game too early and may refrain from doing this for future projects.   They also stated that aspects of this game, later on, are utilised such as seems, code, and design .

In spite of this drawback, the active evolution of Terraria will not be impacted by the cancellation of Terraria: Otherworld, and update 1.3.6 will proceed as proposed.

Re-logic thanked players for their service in the end “It’s that support that drives us every day to do things for you. They added they looked forward.

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