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Skyforge Overgrowth Release Trailer Shows New Class in Action

Last week, the latest expansion of the MMORPG Skyforge released its most recent expansion that has been declared last month.     Overgrowth offers players enhanced story missions, a brand new challenge system, and also a brand new class of mages called Grovewalkers. A trailer has been released featuring the new course in activity.

Grovewalkers are strong mages adept in long ranged strikes which channel their powers. The trailer highlights the skills of the class. A few of those mages’ powers incorporate this Forest ability’s Breath which blasts enemies using a gust of wind. This capability also allows Grovewalkers to disperse seeds onto the battle that may bloom into flowers which assault on the player’s foes.   They crush competitions about the frontline as tanks and can also morph in their dwelling armor.

In addition to this new course and story revolving around the return of the goddess Tessa, the Overgrowth expansion also includes a new battle system. Each player’s achievement, even ones that are past, will be awarded accomplishments with particular titles.

Skyforge is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.   You may check out the release trailer for your  Overgrowth expansion beneath. The update is free and available for all players.

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